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Upstream and midstream unmanned vehicle solutions.

Every exploration effort, every development and every maintenance aspect of subsea development currently depends on manned vessels. Our Autonomous and Unmanned Surface Vehicles can replace some of these vessels in a range of roles. This can equate to significant cost saving, it’s that simple. APPLICATION


Low impact vehicles for marine observations and data collection.

With our Marine Science focused vehicles we can effectively gather data from the oceans. 


 Survey platforms that can function alone or in conjunction with other vessels.

Whether surveying close to structures or in shallow water, towed sensor positioning or touch down monitoring, maybe you need a force multiplier so your wide area survey data is collected quicker; the unmanned and autonomous vehicle can cut costs and provide your solution cheaper than your competition. 


Hydrocarbon detection / Pre, As-Laid, As-Built Surveys / Pipeline, Umbilical and Cable Surveys / Nearshore Cathodic Protection Surveys / Plough & Trenching surveys / Site Surveys / Inspection ROV Support / ROV Positioning & Tracking / Plough & Trencher positioning & tracking / Pipeline Touchdown monitoring / Seabed Sensor Deployment / Towing duties (array, etc) / Well data monitoring / Subsea positioning support / Towed item tracking / LIDAR deployment / Subsea data transfer & harvesting / AUV tracking / Scour monitoring 


Water quality monitoring / Water sample acquisition / Wave monitoring / Passive Acoustic monitoring (PAM) / Acoustic transponder tracking (fish) / Current profiling / Active acoustic fisheries monitoring / Cetacean tracking / Meteorological monitoring 


Air quality monitoring / Meteorological monitoring/ Hydrographic Surveys / Magnetometer Surveys / Sub Bottom Profiling                 Scour Surveys, Sub-surface Structure Inspections and Cable Inspections are just a few of the remote sensing maintenance tasks that have to be performed. ASVs offer a platform to perform these tasks at a fraction of the cost of current methods more efficiently.