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Lavitech is concentrated on the design, development, production and sale of Autonomous Unmanned Vessel and Vehicles ( AUVs , AUV) for international and domestic markets in environmental, government, scientific and commercial spheres.

Exclusive Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (AUSV), Unmanned Underwater Vessel (UUV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) are developed by Lavitech represent a high performance, composite platform materials, easy to operate interface and many other hi-tech features.

Lavitech is also designing commercial AUSV that fit for open sea and air applications, i.e. mapping and open water investigation, oil platform security and close observation, tracking and surveys of ocean, environment, etc. Our Autonomous Surface Vehicles can be built in all shapes and sizes for different types of Scientific and Commercial applications such as Offshore Energy, Monitoring, Research, Security. For potential clients we prepare a scaled prototype of AUSV.

For today’s air and marine industries AUVs, UAVs and ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) can be identified as the natural progression. These autonomous vehicles give the best platform for services which count on manpower heavy solutions. Implementation areas vary from construction support to remote sensing. Wind-powered unmanned AUSV can stay on off-shore patrol or open-ocean for a long period of time.

Lavitech is a privately-held company, incorporated and located in Czech Republic.

Our Company Vision:

  • Lavitech will be the innovator of AUVs and ROVs that are made to assure safety and give observation in open water and in open air.
  • Lavitech will construct, design, prototype, develop, build, test, integrate and manage the assembly of marine platforms and make them serve world-wide providing clients with flexible solutions in commercial, environmental and law enforcement areas for oceanic and maritime exploration.
  • Lavitech will use a joint team and product approach to cultivate our innovative technical superiority in the industry.
  • Lavitech will act responsible towards environment, will support ecological initiatives in marine surveillance, will provide possible choices for natural resource management and will protect our planet for the future.
  • Lavitech will serve men and women whose work depends on the quality of our product to protect lives, property and save vital resources.
  • Lavitech will show our commitment to reach the highest level of business ethics by taking care of our clients, strategic partners, employees, subcontractors in all aspects of our business.
  • Lavitech will implement the best commercial practices, sensitive to environment and sustainable in development methods during production and manufacture.

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Naval and Aerial Architects

Prototyping and Modelling

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Software Engineers

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Remotely Operated Vehicle


Autonomous surface vehicles


Unmanned Underwater Vehicles


Unmanned surface vehicles


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